Stories to Build

Stories to build is an initiative that brings valuable learning experiences to children in Latin America, to accompany the development of twenty-first century and socio-emotional skills, as well as to enhance literacy and computational thinking.

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Do you want to learn to create stories?

Follow the adventures of Zuri and Mora! Discover how to create a captivating character, the importance of a conflict, the secrets to a spectacular ending, and more.

The riddle of the phone call and the rope

Tearing the blank paper.

The terrifying story of the ghost painter

Creating special effects


Do you want to write a story, but need inspiration?

Write a complete story step by step. You can choose scenarios, characters and objects, and immerse yourself in the world of your story to see, hear and experience it.


Do you already have a story to tell? Learn how to make it come to life!

Step-by-step tutorials to expand your stories and tell them in different formats. Some ideas require a device and an Internet connection, but others don't.