Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Read the Terms and Conditions, hereinafter “Terms”, regarding the use of Paraguay Educa’s (a non-profit association created in Asuncion, Paraguay on July 25th, 2008) META (Technological Educational Medium for Learning) EdTech Portal carefully.


According to these Terms, a user is any physical or legal person and/or private or public institution - whether State entity or not - who access the META EdTech Portal to read it, use its content, and technological resources, over any information and communication technology means, whether hardware and/or software.

Conditions for Access and Use

The META EdTech Portal is free of charge for the user, who agrees to use it in compliance with current national laws and regulations, commonly accepted customs, respecting resource licenses, and respecting privacy directives as well as public order at all times.

The user will refrain from using the META EdTech Portal for illegal purposes, prohibited in these Terms, that may in any way harm the rights and interests of the META EdTech Portal and/or those of Paraguay Educa, other users or third parties, that may damage, disable, overload, deteriorate or prevent its normal use.

Paraguay Educa will establish the percentage of resources that the user can access without creating and account and logging in - that is, registering. User registration is required to fully use the META EdTech Portal; this entails that the user must understand that the information provided by the META EdTEch Portal is not considered exhaustive or complete, nor does the information - or the META EdTech Portal - have the responsibility of satisfying all of the user's needs. On some occasions, the information contained in the portal will simply be intended to offer the user access to the greatest possible amount of data on the subject of their interest.

User's obligations

The user commits to:

The user undertakes to: not damage, disable, or deteriorate the computer systems that support the META EdTech Portal, those of Paraguay Educa, or other users, nor the contents made available therein or through them.

Refrain from interfering with, or interrupting the access and use of the portal, servers or networks.

Develop, and create comments and contents, that do not negatively affect the META EdTech Portal, Paraguay Educa and/or other users.

In case of non-compliance, the META Portal may act by any means it deems appropriate against any use of the portal that opposes these Terms, infringes or violates intellectual property rights, as well as any other right, being able to remove or suspend the user, at any time and without prior notice to the user.

The META Portal reserves the right to modify at any moment and without prior notice the design, content and services offered, and can interrupt or cancel any one of the resources or services made available in or through it, without any responsibility towards the users and without prior notice to the user.


In order to become a META Portal user, it is not necessary to complete the registration form. Notwithstanding, should the user choose to or have to register in order to use a certain service, the user must provide the personal information requested (‘User registration’ form) exactly and precisely.

Except for fields otherwise indicated, answers to questions regarding user information are voluntary. Failure to complete these fields may limit the customization of corresponding services. The registered user undertakes to notify the META EdTech Portal immediately and decisively of any unauthorized use of their password. The META Portal reserves the right to reject any registration request or cancel a previously accepted registration.

The META Portal reserves the right to send information that it considers relevant for its users to the email address provided by the user in the registration form.

Data Privacy

The purpose of automated personal data collection is to maintain a fluid relationship between the user and the META Portal, as well as to improve the management, administration, develoment and improvement of services users may wish to use on the META EdTech Portal as well as the META EdTEch Portal itself.

The META EdTech Portal may transfer user data to entities dependent on the Paraguayan State as required by law.

The META Portal collects general information such as the quantity and frequency of interaction between users and the portal. This information is used solely for statistical purposes and to to determine the resources or services used and thus be able to improve them accordingly and innovate constantly.


Users under the age of 13 require the consent of their parents or legal guardians to register on the META EdTech Portal site, and it is the parent or guardian who accepts the Terms and Conditions to join on their own behalf and on the behalf of their child or ward.

Intellectual Property

Any and all trademarks, trade names, or distinctive signs of any kind that may appear on the META EdTech Portal are the property of Paraguay Educa or third parties; use and/or access to the META EdTech Portal does not imply that the Portal grants the user any right over the aforementioned trademarks, trade names, or distinctive signs of any kind.

All resources developed by users and uploaded or shared by them on the META EdTech Portal shall automatically carry the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY-SA). In addition, the user can choose to apply the commercial CA license to allow its commercial use or not (CC BY-NC). Failure to indicate the choice of applying the commercial license option shall automatically be interpreted as the user choosing the most open license (CC BY-SA).